New York smart city: the 42nd street transformed in a park

In the project of the group of Danish architects Pink Cloud the famous 42nd street of Manhattan will be transformed in a greenway

Source: – 21 January 2015

What if the 42nd street of New York was a big park? Pink Cloud, a group of Danish architects put themselves this question, imagining and planning this vision of the famous street of Manhattan: an area divided into 11 sections developed around Central Station, transformed into an art gallery. This is their Greenway, energetically sustainable: biogas, solar energy, organic recycled bio-waste that are perfectly integrates with the services of the area. The architects wrote in their blog that they hope the Greenway will be the center of a strategy focused on sustainability.

This wish one day will be a reality. New York City indeed, made already a lot in the field of sustainability. Many projects have been realized for the transformation of a smart city. For example in 2013 have been launched the program bike sharing. Another good project has been realized in the field of bike lanes and, in 2009 was open the High Line, a green area realized by the requalification of a disused elevated railroad.

Some numbers about the project of Pink Cloud:
– 75thousand visitors and 60 million dollar are expected;

– A new tram station surrounded by green areas will eliminate the traffic;

– Near the tracks of the tram will be present some structures covered in solar panel or panel that will gather water, so zero wastes;

– An App will inform visitors on their smartphone about the sustainability characteristics of the area and the services available. Users can participate to the decisions voting the projects.