Etna Hitech has been present from 27 to 29 of May at the Forum PA in Rome, expo that for more than two decades has hosted the meeting of the public administration, entrepreneurs and active citizenship to promote an ongoing debate on innovation in the Italian public system. This year’s theme was: “We make commitments, we find solutions “, under which they identified six priority objectives, including that of an Open Government with the implementation of the principles of transparency, participation and collaboration and of a digital Public Administration, through three big switch-off target.

For each of the six objectives were dedicated big conferences, seminars, workshop and informal meeting. The President of the consortium Etna Hitech, Ing. Emanuele Spampinato, spoke at the conference of 28 May, “Hackeriamo la PA!”, where he presented the project mytown, of of the application of the broader Smart Urbs project for the city of Catania, as part of the contest FORUM PA Challenge, Challenges for a PA that works.

Hack the PA means rebuilding models and processes of public administration with the aim of reducing delays and eliminating inefficiencies. About this theme, in collaboration with the NOP for Research and Competitiveness 2007-2013, Forum PA 2014 organized a meeting where were compared the solutions of Public Administrations, citizens and businesses to promote active citizenship and co-design of services, open government and reuse of public data.

The objective of this day was to create a network and promote the reuse and the viral spread of innovation, through a process of creating a stable community open to the issue of civic hacking. The project myTown presented in this context is a solution designed to promote the active participation of citizens in the management of minor maintenance work in the city. Through a reporting system for mobile, citizens can communicate to the department in charge the need of intervention for cases such as potholes, public lighting faults and then receive a feedback about the occurred intervention by the local administration. Catania will be the experimenter city. In order to support the sustainability of the system, especially for smaller government, the project model is based on a cloud computing services platform.

As well as the other seven projects presented during the conference, the aims of MyTown is to strengthen the trust between citizens and administration, specifically, support active participation in the defense of common good and to promote dialogue between users and public offices.