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The project aims to provide an innovative contribution method on the complex problem of safety of critical transport infrastructures in relation to the risk of rapid kinematic landslides, in order to define an innovative procedure (developed through physically based approaches and advanced numerical models) for the prediction of the risk level of transport infrastructures located in areas susceptible to landslides and landslides in the Italian regions of Calabria and Sicily (exportable to other similar contexts of the national territory). The research aims to develop a smart system for real-time risk and emergency management and land use planning.


Area: Smart Secure and Inclusive Communities

Operational Plan: Decreto 1735 – PNR 2015-2020

Start: 09/2019

Duration: 30 months

Total project value: 6.7 MLN €

Total EHT value: 1 MLN €

EHT Revenue from Research and Development: 500 K €

Partners: Università degli Studi “Mediterranea” di Reggio Calabria – UKE Università Kore di Enna – Sidercem Srl – Etna Hitech SCpA – Geoconsol Srl – ANAS Società per Azioni con socio unico