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The PRIMUS project aims to achieve a new generation of software systems that assist the distribution of products at the point of sale and improve the quality of the offer to end customers.

The project aims to facilitate the movement of goods in large-scale retail trade, aggregating and analyzing in real time the data on sales of goods, in order to derive forecasts on customer purchases. As a result of these forecasts, the following can be chosen more effectively: the products to be shipped, the destinations of the products, and the timing of the shipment of the products. This allows for economies in that: (i) perishable goods would not be sent to outlets that potentially do not need them, and (ii) a reduced need for transportation would result in fewer vehicles (or lower vehicle weight) and thus lower fuel consumption. In addition, the proposed solution will allow individual stores to send data automatically, thus without engaging people to select, aggregate and send data.


Area: Smart Secure & Inclusive Communities

Operational Plan: Azione 1.1.5 – PO FESR 2014-2020 – Regione Siciliana

Duration: 30 months

Total project value: 1.4 MLN €

Total value for EHT: 300 K €

EHT Revenue from Research and Development: 222 K €

Partners: IGESA SRL – Etna Hitech SCpA – Università degli Studi di Catania