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Framework for E-Goverment and E-Democracy

The project aims at the realization of ICT frameworks that implement tools and services to support the modernization of public administration. In particular, the proposal “FEE-D – Framework for E-Government and E-Democracy” is based on modern technologies for the exploitation of data on open models and large volumes (Open Data and Big Data Innovations) and aims to create software components to support Smart Government.

The proposed framework is intended to be used for the exercise of monitoring and control functions in real time of accounting data, administrative procedures and financial flows of expenditure between local public bodies and their subsidiaries.

The main components of the FEE-D will be realized using open source technologies and following the paradigm of Open Government, AGID compliant and in adherence with the principles of transparency, good practices for optimal and transparent management of public spending.


Area: Smart Secure and Inclusive Communities

Operational Plan: PON I&C 2014-2020

Start: 2019

Duration: 36 months

Total project value: 5 MLN €

EHT Revenue from Services: 475 K €

Partners: Delisa Srl – Sikelia Service SpA – Futuro 2000 Srl – InforGroup Sooc. Coop.