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Ecosistema Digitale Sicilia

Ecosistema Digitale Sicilia, as conceived, intends to create the ideal environment for the digital ecosystem of a territory, in which businesses, public administration and citizens can develop innovative initiatives by adopting the Open Innovation paradigm.

The goal of the project is to create a toolbox for the network of SMEs, available to all the partners. The project intends to seize the opportunity to propose itself in the Sicilian territory as a hub of the network provided by the plan Industry 4.0, giving the skills on the subject, hired through Etna Hitech and partner companies, the ability to invest in the realisation of a unique structure in Sicily for space and technology available, and aims to become the center of the ecosystem for digital innovation in the region.


Area: Smart Secure and Inclusive Communities

Operational Plan: Azione 1.1.3 – PO FESR 2014-2020 – Regione Siciliana

Start: 06/2019

Duration: 15 months

Total project value: 2 MLN €

Total value for EHT: 450 K €

EHT Revenue from Research and Development: 225 K €

Partners: Etna Hitech SCpA – Arancia-Ict Srl – Bit Control Srl – Osanet (Networking & Communications) Srl – Datanet Srl – Quipo Srl – Darwin Technologies Srls – Elmi Srl – Smartech Società Cooperativa A R.L – Ganiza Srl – Netith Care Srl – Nexus&Soci Srl – Tecnosys Italia Srl – Associazione Diplomatici