EHT speaks about Happy Cities at Fil Fest 2014

On Friday 5 December at Palazzo della Cultura in Catania Giovanni Di Stefano, Communication and Marketing Manager of Etna Hitech spoke at the round table “Happy Cities down South. Wellness and life quality in Italian cities indexes” occurred at Fil Fest, the Festival of Happiness held in Catania from 4 to 6 December.




The panel discussion, moderated by Olivella Rizzo, Political Economy Researcher at the Political and Social Science Department of University of Catania, was focus on the possibility of verifying wellness status of Italian cities through objective indicators. The speakers showed which tools are used to quantify cities’ life quality and wellness, the things that makes the cities “happy”. Fabiola Ricciardini – ISTAT Researcher, showed BES study’s outcomes, being the coordinator of the study for the sustainable wellness group of research. Besides the Bes it has been shown also the Cities’ quality of life Report of the Sole24Ore Group, commented by the Sole24Ore reporter, Mariano Mugeri. Among the tools used today other studies presented at the debate were Legambiente Urban Ecosystem and Municipalities’ Social Budgets. At the debate spoke also Prof Carlo Pennisi of the University of Catania.


From the left Fabiola Ricciardini and Olivella Rizzo         Fabiola Ricciardini


Prof Carlo Pennisi

Giovanni Di Stefano moved the debate to “smart cities that contain emotions”, talking about the esperience of Etna Hitech with the project CLARA in Matera, raked as the happiest city of Italy in the Sole24Ore Report.


Mariano Maugeri                                                                       Giovanni Di Stefano