Assinform: ICT market slow recovery, cloud and digital are ok

29 september 2014

Itallian Ict market has recovered during the first semester of this year. Today Agostino Santoni, Assinform president, during the meeting in Milan where Italian digital marketplace data has been shown, on the basis of NetConsulting survey said:“Although numbers are still negative, actually Ict Italian market (IT and telecommunications services and goods, infrastructures, networks and digital contents) is slowly recovering”. The increase in cloud (+35,7%), digital content (+6,6%), software with new solutions and applications (+3,2%) “is defining the new Italian digital innovation and the opening of new economic opportunities”.

In detail: from -4.3% of first semester in 2013 to -3,1% on June 2014, with a 31.103 million euro overall business, while the year should be closed at -1,8%. The negative numbers come from TLC network services (-9,2%) due to hard competitiveness among TLC providers that have reduced prizes all to the good of costumers. On the whole digital market increased by 1,1%. ICT services decreased to 5079 million (-2,4%) but has been balanced out systems and devices sectors (8232 million, +0.7%), software and ICT solutions (2615 million, +3,2%), e-content and digital advertising (3202 million, +6,6%).

After a -2,9% of last year the devices and systems sector has increased positively during the first semester of this year. Also PC and servers increased (+6,5%; -22,5% last year) in every kind of products (server +14.3%, PC desktop +4,7%, PC laptop +7,1%). Tablets decreased (-10,1%), due to a first market saturation, while an increase in Smartphone’s sales have been confirmed with a sales volume of 1310 million euro (+15,4%).

Software and ICT solutions sector increased by 2615 million (+3,2%). Application software (1795 million, +4%),: web management platform (+11,1%) and IoT (production management, energy management and automotive, etc, +15,4%), that balanced out the application solutions decrease (-2,1%). System software increased (+2,5% while last year was -3,25). Middleware registered a soft increase, that confirms the stability of innovative solutions for integration, security and optimal use of IT resources. ICT services (-2,4%) decreased by 5079 million, due to outsourcing (1911 million, -5,2%) and development services and systems integration (1143 milion, -2,8%). Most innovative parts are also in this sector the most increasing areas: data center and cloud computing services increased by 774 million (+7,4%), cloud has been decisive (+35,7%).

These numbers raises hopes for fast recovery even if: “recovery will be as faster as Digital Agenda and Public Administration will accelerate digitalization and as faster enterprises’ faith in development will increase” concluded Santoni.