What is it? SMUF (Smart Urban Framework) is a solution for the digitalization of the Smart Cities, which aims to improve the performance of the Local Public Administrations (LPA) by implementing the paradigm of Open Government. Thanks to a set of models and IT tools, SMUF strives for the interaction with the City Users by enabling the
Catania Smart City

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Catania SmartCity is the access portal to application solutions of “PRISM – Urban Smart e-Government Platform”.

PRISMA (cloud platforms for Interoperable SMArt

PRISMA Smart Urbs

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PRISMA è un progetto di collaborazione fra le Pubbliche Amministrazioni delle Regioni e delle Città dell’Italia Meridionale, Industrie, Enti di Ricerca e Università

Etna Hitech presents smart city solutions in Bruxelles

Etna Hitech presents smart city solutions in Bruxelles »

10 Oct, 2014
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Etna Hitech contributed on 9th October to Action Cluster Kick-Off Conference organized by Smart Cities and Communities Stakeholder Platform